Coaching for women who want exponential business growth.

“Starting a business is very daunting if you don’t get a lot of support and it’s difficult to know how to layout the structure of your work and schedule. I was feeling very overwhelmed and discouraged. However, when I spoke with Veronica, she put me at ease. She is a very good listener and is passionate about helping women grow and succeed in their endeavors. I am looking forward to working with Veronica in the near future. If you need someone to mentor you in your business Veronica is your girl.”

Laila AliehFitness CoachThe Fitness Astronaut

“I’ve never actually located my light before. I’ve never really searched for it. But when [Veronica] mentioned the different places it can be and told me to close my eyes and place my hands where the light is, I started searching. My intuition was taking me to my heart and throat. I’d search further down by my abdominal and up around my head but when I reached my heart again I could feel this energy there, The Light. I found my Light for the first time.”

Aaron MillsSweetgrass & Sage Burn Attendee

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