Are you building an empire?

Put another way, do you have a Calling?

You know what I’m talking about.  A deep urge within you to have massive impact.

When lightning strikes, the Universe speaks, and the pieces of your life weave together to create something innovative.

It keeps you up at night.

You’re excited, but you’re also scared because it’s the most amazing thing that has ever crossed your path.

And it’s big. Like, BIG, big.

You’ve got a business blind spot, and it’s triggering your Imposter Syndrome and halting progress toward your vision.

That’s where our work together comes in.

I work with audacious entrepreneurs who want to build their empire and disrupt the status quo to create a better world. These are people who are experts at what they do but also need support to define and develop their business ‘edge’ in order to move forward with clarity and confidence.

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How Audacious Entrepreneur Coaching is Different

We Don’t Chase Trends

You’re building an empire, not chasing fads. When coaches push their clients into trendy entrepreneurship it’s exhausting for entrepreneurs who are in business to make a difference. Veronica will teach you tried-and-true business methods that stand the test of time, instill confidence, and scale your business fast.

Grow Your Network

When you enroll in Audacious Entrepreneur Coaching, you immediately join a family and legacy of fellow empire builders called The Audacious Alumni. You’ll have access to like-minded entrepreneurs who can cheer you on, build your network, and support your work. PLUS gain access to Veronica’s audacious network of action-oriented leaders to help you grow.

Deep Connection & Support

Veronica believes in a blended style of coaching and consulting. You’ll receive the tools and direction you need for audacious action business growth — from systems to partnerships, marketing to developing your client journey — as well as coaching to develop your CEO mindset, pivot around imposter syndrome, and build a network of personal cheerleaders. All this through a unique client portal and “coach-in-your-pocket” access to Veronica.

What Clients Say

How Entrepreneur Coaching will Change Your Life & Business

  1. You’ll actually accomplish your goals and vision. When we work alone, we work in an echo chamber of our thoughts and rationale. It’s easy to explain away a missed deadline, even when you’re letting yourself down. I’ll be by your side to ensure you move forward in growth and expansion and provide the tools and guidance to create the next big offering in your business. (Feel like your vision for the future is cloudy? I’ll help you get clear on what you want your empire to look like five, ten, twenty, and even fifty years from now.)
  2. You’ll learn to scale your business so you’re not stuck fighting your human twenty-four-hour limit. When I was running my tech company I was in pure reaction mode: chasing to-dos and accidentally working 70-hour weeks, every week. I realized I wasn’t living a dream — I’d built myself a job. Ach! So I learned to scale, hired an amazing team (which expanded the work and revenue we could take on), systemized my sales and marketing (which increased conversions), and ultimately got my work to a 10-hour workweek (which left me free time to be the visionary my business needed)! I want you to have freedom in your business, whatever that means to you, and I’ll help you get there.
  3. You’ll blast through imposter syndrome. As we grow in life and in business we enter new spaces and receive new opportunities. Sometimes this growth is so audacious we get a shock. Am I really supposed to be in this room? Can I really handle this project or client? Will they figure out I’m a fake? The truth is you worked hard for these opportunities and you wouldn’t have received them if you weren’t ready! I’ll support you as you evolve into the audacious entrepreneur you’ve always dreamt of being.

If you’re ready to confidently scale your business while receiving the support to overcome the personal challenges that come with scaling, you’re in the right place.