Say YES! to finishing 2018 with a bang

Your business is rocking, but it seems like you’ve hit a ceiling.  You can’t manifest more time to work on the things that make you more money, and you wish you were spending more time with your family and loved ones.

You’re not quite ready to hire a virtual assistant or employee.  But something has got to give!

Automating your business frees you to do the work that is most meaningful for your clients and customers, and wins back your work / life balance.  Automation is how Henry Ford scaled the building of automobiles and Amazon delivers Prime orders so quickly.  It is the cornerstone of a profitable and lifestyle-friendly business.

Automation creates freedom.

For YOU Automation Can:

  • Free you to do the work that is most meaningful for your clients and customers
  • Win back (or finally create) some work / life balance
  • Get you on that vacation you deserve but never had the time for
  • Allow you to focus on playing with your kids without your business in the back of your head
  • Grow your income potential beyond anything you’ve seen before

How Automation Changed My Business (And Life)

I used to think automation was icky.  It has a bad rap from the early days of the internet, when gaudy newsletters and impersonal form responses reigned.  Ew.

But I was starting to go crazy.  My business was healthy, but I couldn’t get it to grow any bigger.  My time, like yours, is finite, and that meant I couldn’t be the sales person for my business at the same time I was doing the work for my clients.

Even more, I was constantly tempted to work late into the evenings and over weekends.  That’s not the vision I held for myself!  I became an entrepreneur to have more freedom, not less!

Something had to give.

Stepping back from my business, I noticed that there were certain things I was doing all the time.  Repetitively.  Why was I spending so much time on that stuff?  The moment I created systems around these tasks, my income potential exploded.

I remember the incredible feeling that I finally had an assistant – without hiring one!  Without automation, I never would have achieved a 10-hour work week.  I want that for you.

Today’s technology provides robust and customizable automation for our businesses.  We can still care for our clients without losing heart.  It’s time to free your time and finish 2018 like the badass you are.

Finish 2018 With A Bang

With these powerful 90-Minute 1-1 sessions

I chose the following four tools because they are affordable, easy to learn, and functionally powerful.  Starting with developing your Client Resource Manager (CRM), you’ll never lose a client, forget to follow up, or worry about their stage in the lead process.  Then, with MailChimp, we add to that power by generating leads to land in that powerful CRM system.  We’ll add the ease of Calendly scheduling so calendar fills with income-generating meetings as if you had an assistant.  Finally, Wave Invoicing will stay on top of client payments so money just comes in.

September:  Streak CRM

Streak is a Client Resource Manager.  It integrates into your Gmail inbox seamlessly and helps you keep track of projects, important client dates, employee tasking, and more.

  • Install Streak
  • Learn to schedule emails
  • Develop your lead pipelines
  • Teach your email to remind you if no response
  • Set email timers
  • Customize client boxes and notes

October:  MailChimp

MailChimp is a simple yet powerful email list manager.  With it you can create fancy campaigns, set up a automated sequence for new sign ups, deliver lead magnet PDFs after sign up, create popups, and more.

  • Create your first email list
  • Design your first campaign
  • Set up your first automated sequence
  • Add a PDF you’d like to deliver after users sign up
  • Review pop up functionality

November:  Calendly

What if you had an assistant to schedule all your events for you?  Calendly is the next best thing.  Set up a scheduling page like mine, take payments for events, and integrate your calendar with MailChimp to generate even more leads.

  • Create your first event
  • Integrate with your MailChimp account
  • Set up auto-reminders and document delivery
  • Embed Calendly into your website (like mine)

December:  Wave Invoicing

Did you know that you can create recurring payments AND automatic draws for your ongoing clients?  Getting paid consistently is the biggest stresser for entrepreneurs.  You’ll never have to remember to send an invoice again with Wave.

  • Integrate Wave with your banking
  • Import client list
  • Design invoice
  • Create recurring payments

Do you want to be the ruler of automation and truly knock 2018 out of the park?  Sign up for all four one-on-one sessions and save $200 off the total.  It’ll be like we’ve cloned you four times!

Need a different system automated?  Use this link to schedule your unique Mini Session.

What Clients Say

Kricket Horvath

She helped me to tailor the big picture as well as the practical steps…

“Before I met with Veronica I was super overwhelmed… Veronica listened carefully to my vision and gave me thoughtful suggestions for how to start.  She helped me to tailor the big picture as well as the practical steps to get there.  She offered suggestions that I never would have come to on my own.  I left feeling much more confident and capable with a clear idea of what to do next…

I highly recommend working with Veronica.  She is a deeply empowered entrepreneur whose experience, thoughtfulness, and care for others allows her to offer meaningful and authentic support beyond what you would be able to find elsewhere.”

Kricket HorvathEducational ConsultantIntegrative Child Therapy
Alex Schemmel

I would HIGHLY recommend Veronica…

“Veronica is a very personable, yet professional Entrepreneur Coach… After sitting down and meeting with her just one time, I had a MUCH clearer vision in my head and on paper of where I was as a business owner and not only where I needed to go, but how to get there as well. She takes the time and effort to make sure that your business succeeds as if it were her own…

I would HIGHLY recommend Veronica to anyone looking to start up a business or expand their current one.”

Alex SchemmelTechnology Consultant

Let’s automate your business so you have the freedom to finish 2018 on your terms

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