Becoming an Expat Entrepreneur

I’m moving to Berlin!!!

I’ve wanted to move to Europe since I was 15 years old. Knowing this, I worked hard to keep my business(es) location independent, participate in expat communities (despite not yet being abroad), and have researched extensively different options for emigrating to a new country.

I had moved to Los Angeles at the end of 2019. As we all know, the beginning of 2020 quickly dissolved into the chaos of the pandemic, and I realized I didn’t want to be in a new (expensive) city alone. So I moved back to Michigan to be with my partner (who was finalizing the move to LA — just in time!) and regroup.

Over the course of the pandemic, we discussed our options. It felt like Los Angeles was no longer an option. We are lucky to have fairly flexible careers and that we can make that decision. We started discussing other options since we had planned to leave Michigan in 2020.

It became clear that it was time to leave the United States. We both have been wanting to do so for some time. So my partner began applying for jobs in Berlin and very quickly found a PERFECT fit. Hooray!

The visa processes took a little longer than we had hoped, but as of January 20, 2021, we’ll be on our way to Berlin. I’ve decided to restart my YouTube channel to document the adventure, describe the lessons I learn, and provide any tools or advice for fellow entrepreneurs who may want to become expats themselves. Click below to tune in!  See you in Berlin!