Don’t Forget Your Online Following

Something I find easy to do, but in bad practice, is to stop posting for a while to the blog and social media.  There are so many things that seem more important – client relations, consultations, project management, quarterly taxes, invoicing, and more.  These are things that are in my face begging for attention each day.  Content creation, not so much.

While it can be frustrating to live in a digital age where everyone seems to be banging their own drum, it’s necessary to building your business as an authority in its field.  Not only is a solid online presence expected of businesses, it helps aid find-ability, credibility, and shows potential clients and customers that your company is trustworthy.

Thank Goodness for Scheduling

The best way to work around the issue of ignoring your online presence is to schedule it.  Many of my clients have told me they set aside a single day of the week for writing — I do the same.  While I choose Wednesdays, Mondays are a crowd favorite.  The week hasn’t grabbed your attention quite yet, and your mind is still clear from the weekend’s relaxation (hopefully).  Thanks to scheduling on nearly every social platform and CMS, you can take a half day to create a blog post and the week’s calendar of social media blasts, then schedule them to go out on various days and times.  I recommend WordPress for blogging and Hootsuite for Social Media Management.

Let’s not forget eBlasts.  Email marketing is a great way to reach your client base and market new products, but it can be just as time consuming as blogging.  Shaping the message so the subject line spurs engagement, and links inspire clicks, can take a lot of brain power.  I suggest adding this into your Monday morning routine as well.  CRMs like MailChimp can also schedule their eBlasts, making your marketing campaign simpler.

I understand that some weeks there just isn’t the time to make this happen.  Monday mornings are often victim to a hectic catch up after a vacation, conference, or email build up.  By putting it on the calendar, however, nine times out of ten you’ll get an update out and feel that much better the rest of the week.

P.S. – I scheduled this post last night!