The only rapid-scaling retreat in the world.

You've taken the courses. You've done your homework.

But you're still burning out, stressed about obtaining leads, and juggling to get even basic everyday tasks completed.

What if you could achieve exponential growth, freedom of time, and reliable income by scaling your business ops in only one week?

is the only private retreat for small business owners who want more time, freedom, and impact.

An interactive and energizing immersive retreat in Split, Croatia, designed to revolutionize your business and take you from ‘burnout’ to ‘BAM!’ in only five days.


Beautiful Split, Croatia!

Split was founded on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea by Diocletian, the Emperor of Rome, nearly 2,000 years ago. He loved the seaside landscape and decided to build his retirement palace there. In fact, the city of Split today is situated in and around that very complex, featuring five different models of architecture that were added as different societies lived and thrived in this beautiful seaside palace.

Imagine the depth of history and expansive energy that is centered there. Rather than learning the latest business fad, you’ll be learning a scaling system rooted in ancient empire practices.

And we’ll be staying right in the middle of it. That’s right, the hotel and retreat reside in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace. What big ideas do you think will come by planning your business’ growth from that place?

PS — I’m Croatian-American, with a family history in this region dating back generations, and have personally experienced just how deep the empire vibes go.

But wait, did you say palace?


Welcome to Emperor Diocletian's Palace.

EMPIRE takes place in the heart of Emperor Diocletian’s Palace. Each morning we’ll eat our breakfast next to temples and , inspired by the ancient Roman god that ruled them all. Imagine getting away from all the habits, people, and distractions that keep you playing small and staying in this powerful historic place in order to transform and scale your business. Now that’s some empire-building energy!


Hi, I'm Veronica.

I’m a serial entrepreneur who is tired of hustle culture pressuring small business owners into burnout. I am passionate about giving small business owners the startup scaling toolkit to help them get more freedom and peace, including location independence, financial independence, and greater overall joy. It’s the same toolkit that I built to take my tech company from 70hr/wk hell to 10hr/wk bliss!

I’ve received honors from organizations like Forbes, the Business Equality Network, and Go! Magazine for my work. I’ve also presented two TEDx Talks. My clients have appeared in Marie Claire, on the Today Show, and even mentioned by Beyoncé!

Let me help you achieve the same.

How Do I Know if EMPIRE is Right for Me?



Take it from them!



During this powerful week, I’ll be teaching you the exact system that I created to take my work from a 70hr workweek to a 10hr workweek, from burnout to backpacking Europe, and continue to teach my clients every day. This is the same system that pushed my business past six-figures in revenue. Each day will focus on a different tool that will radically change your business, reach, experience as an entrepreneur, and ultimate vision for your life. We’ll work together to build the EMPIRE toolkit into your own business so you return home with a detailed plan to expand your impact and income in the near and long term, including in future endeavors.

Day 0


Arrive at the Split, Croatia airport and travel to the Hotel located in the heart of the ancient Diocletian’s Palace, built by the former emperor of Rome. Get settled, go for a walk in the UNESCO-protected passages, visit the nearby beach on the Adriatic Sea, have dinner, and rest up for our first day of deep-dive business scaling. Don’t forget to look out the plane’s window as you land – you may see a castle!

Day 1

Reflect & Review

How will you know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been? Our first morning begins with a deep review of your business history, practices, and opportunities for growth. After lunch, we’ll review your findings and develop your 70-Year Business Plan. In the late afternoon, we will go on a short excursion to explore the legacy of Emperor Diocletian’s Palace and learn about the five empires that have variously occupied the compound since 305 AD.

Day 2

Foundations of Empire Building™

A common issue for business owners is hyper-focusing on the day-to-day tasks without stopping to ask, “What’s the point?” In this module, you will learn the Foundations of Empire Building™; including building an effective task management system and implementing the financial freedom toolkit. We’ll begin applying these principles directly to your own business and redevelop your vision for the future. The evening is yours to rest in the hotel spa, jacuzzi, or pool — or explore the city’s offerings as you’d like.

Day 3

Three Pillars of Business Scaling™Pt. 1

Today we begin implementing the Three Pillars of Business Scaling™ in your business. We will open up your business plan and recurrent tasks and start scaling them, one by one, so you immediately have more freedom and peace in your business. This is the same system that scaled my tech company from a 70-hour workweek to a 10-hour workweek! To end the day, the group will receive a private tour of the ancient Trogir city & fort, with a view of Split’s Aquaduct and Salona’s amphitheater!

Day 4

Three Pillars of Business Scaling™ Pt. 2

We’ll continue implementing the Three Pillars of Business Scaling™ in your business by developing several necessary but often missed systems in your business. You’ll also build a detailed hiring plan so you can expand confidently with the help of freelancers or employees. We’ll complete this significant module with a CEO portrait session (with the same photographer who is responsible for the photos on this page!) so you return to your business with branded photos that match your uplevel. You will also receive a private half-hour 1:1 session with Veronica! The evening after is yours to rest and explore.

Day 5

Self Care Through Scaling™

Business scaling, building an empire, and developing a legacy is no simple task. Today we will learn how to build ongoing work/life balance policies into your business for yourself and your team. You’ll also learn the Scientific Method of Business™ so you always have the tools to replicate success over and over, growing your business exponentially. We’ll then work together to develop strategic partnerships between your fellow VIPs so you can work together to 10x your businesses when you return home. We will wrap up the retreat with a special surprise excursion.


An Additional Weekend in Croatia


2023 EMPIRE attendees have the option to add on an additional weekend post-retreat to visit Trsteno Arboretum and Dubrovnik (which you’ll recognize from Game of Thrones) during which they’ll receive a private 1:1 with Veronica to tie everything together.

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EMPIRE isn't for everyone.

I’m looking for committed, responsible, and values-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of their own way to massively uplevel their business, their impact, and their income. You’re invited if . . .

  • You are committed to taking our time together seriously in order to radically grow your business. This week is a whole lot of fun but also requires deep focus from you!
  • Will put in the work ahead of time, during, and after, using the tools Veronica provides along the way.
  • Are able to respect the investment each person is making to attend by not dominating conversation, making things about you at all times, or taking the drinks too far.


During our call together you will be able to ask questions about how this retreat will eradicate burnout in your business, forever.


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