Entrepreneur Spotlight: Bri Luginbill

Meet Bri Luginbill, coFounder of People Picture Co and Better Body Image Conference.  In order for her businesses to grow, she had to scale.  Here is what she learned.  Catch her tomorrow in the Fempreneur Forum for this month’s workshop on Scaling!

What got you interested in becoming an Entrepreneur?

I think I’ve always had an entrepreneur spirit. When I was in 5th grade, I started “The Animal Club.” We met bi-weekly and we had $1 dues each meeting. During these meetings we talked about our love for animals and what types of activities we’d like to do to help animals. We volunteered at animal shelters together and then we saved up our dues and donate $100 to one of the shelters. I guess you could call that my first business.

From there I always had part-time jobs in different areas from a clerk at a local consignment shop to serving at a restaurant. In college I then worked with special needs children and adults and then became interested in documentary photography and writing. I loved the connection with people and learning their story.

What do you love about what you do?

I’m all about the people. I love connecting with new people and staying connected with old friends and colleagues. I think what I love most about People Picture Co and now Better Body Image Conference is the mentoring. I really love seeing what people like to do and helping them grow in their skills. Whether it be my clients or my co-workers and contractors. The one things that’s hard for me is I can care so much that it’s hard for me to see people go through hard situations whether through their business or personal growth. I want people to succeed so much and I really care about them a lot.

Tell me a story from your work. 

Hipster Santa – one of my best PR moves. This year since I was more freed up to do business development and public relations, I worked with Abbey from the Paper Studio and others on my team to create Sessions with Hipster Santa. A Santa that you didn’t just have your kids visit, but adults, pets, etc. We wanted to show that there was a more inclusive Santa out there than the mall Santas – so we went to different communities and had him be photographed with people at the PRIDE center, the Hispanic Center and many more!

What has Scaling meant for your career? 

Scaling has meant that I can focus more on Public Relations and Sales as well as mentoring and training our contractors.

What do you suggest for any Fempreneur who is starting to scale their business?

I suggest finding business partners, employees, or contractors that have different strengths than yourself. A company needs an assortment of personalities and skills to survive.