Entrepreneur Spotlight: Joanna Dreiling

What got you interested in becoming a Coach?

In some senses, I feel like I’ve always been a coach in one way or another. I was usually the friend group’s therapist when I was younger. After finding myself in an unfulfilling job, I began exploring my career options. With the help of a ton of soul searching and a little bit of research, one day it dawned on me that coaching is the perfect alignment of my strengths, my interests, my lifestyle goals and my mission.

What does a Soul Success Coach do?

At the core, it’s really about helping people connect to the universal heart and develop into (yes, into) their spirituality. A way of finding home with your body, mind and spirit through love, freedom & harmony.

What do you love about what you do?

My most favorite thing is helping our generation evolve to live more consciously and shift the vibration of our collective consciousness. Whoo!

Tell me a story from your work. 

I once created a space for conscious conversation called “Conscious Corner.” It was the first one and one of the attendees/friends of mine randomly decided to invite someone in the coffee shop where we were meeting. She openly came to join us. It turns out that through the flow of conversation, what we were talking about was SO deeply aligned with what was happening in her life. The synchronicities in my work are the cherries on top.

What does Self Care mean in your work and life? 

I likely prioritize taking care of myself more than the normal passerby. I say this because I believe filling my own bucket up comes before filling my brand’s bucket, or any other. Without it, there is no life (aka energy) to create, for me

What do you suggest for your clients self care?

As the starting point, I suggest exploring what self-care looks like and what it means for them. Whether through meditation or journaling, which are often great self-care practices too, ask questions. Get curious about it. Some of my favorites are: “What would fill my soul to do?” or “What would feel healing/fulfilling to me?”

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