Finding Your Ravenous Passion

How happy are you?

A simple, yet loaded, question that we fail to ask ourselves enough. More often than not our own pleasures in life are pushed to the back burner. There are important calls to answer and meetings to catch, right?

What if I told you that prioritizing your happiness will create more success in your career?

Not only does finding your joy in life help you build your empire, but it also betters every aspect of you!

This is why I love the concept of Joie De Vivre, or “joy of living” and participated in the original article on Buzzfeed last year.  It all centers around the power of finding your passion for life and letting the benefits trickle down into all that you do.

You might be wondering, ‘sounds great but where do I start?’

Right here!

On August 1st The Ravenous Living Summit will celebrate the International Day of Joy.  Myself, along with over 30 other incredible coaches, will give you our best techniques and freebies you need to start this journey to joy.

This is not to say that you don’t already feel that fiery passion. Those entrepreneurs in the process of building an empire often have a whole lot of that passion already (I’m lookin’ at all you Audacious Entrepreneurs). But there can be more where that came from, the thing about this journey to joy is that it doesn’t have a limit. Discovering your Joie de Vivre is a boundless exploration.

Beginning this search may leave you feeling a tad lost. Have no fear, the tips are here! Let’s jump into my 3 secrets to helping you find that Joie de Vivre.

Read lots of books all the time!

Read, read, read.  But I’m not talking about reading books in succession, one after another. I quite literally mean read many books, all at once. Think back to your school years.  You took multiple classes simultaneously. They were all different concepts, yet somehow they could fit together in a larger global lesson.

This is what reading various books will do. It allows you to learn new lessons that can dovetail to create a bigger picture. This layered knowledge creates a new lens for you to view the world as much more exciting and vibrant. Reading is an undeniable way to ignite an appreciation for life.

Share it all. 

Share money, resources, connections, advice, and friendship. Share your time with friends and family. Share your knowledge with a mentee or successor. Giving is when we feel most fulfilled and, in turn, creates strong, healthy relationships, and a stronger business. By sharing yourself with the world, it will return the favor. 

By supporting each other, we grow together. Building a strong community promotes a healthy secure life and a generous ecosystem in which your business can thrive. This strong community can then support you, your work, health, and joy. A solid support system, whether it be large or small, is the environment we all deserve and crave.

Remember giving is a never-ending cycle of more giving!


Whether trying a new coffee shop in your town or backpacking through Europe, adventure can be part of any life. When we explore, we learn. Being exposed first hand to new cultures, people, and languages, expands your sense of the world around you. 

When we leave our usual surroundings, the walls of comfort and familiarity come down. We are not longer being impacted by the expectations of our routine, and the pressures previously enforced may disappear or adapt in new forms. This allows us to understand who we really are and what parts of us are actually just baggage.

Once we step out of our comfort zone we can freely flex our muscles and see our societies in a newfound light. When you understand the parts of you that are not tied to someone or something, you begin to understand what really brings authentic joy by being more authentically you.

Find your Space 

I’ll admit, I have not always had it together. I created a tech company that I thought would make me more free, yet I didn’t know how to manage my time and life to enjoy what I’d created. We all find ourselves stuck from time to time, but by making even the smallest efforts to live passionately and ravenously, you will find joy.

Overall, give yourself the proper space to authentically be you!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for August 1st and sign up for The Ravenous Living Online Summit, you will not want to miss!

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