Focusing on Seeds Instead of Fruit

There once was a young woman who lived in a beautiful and fertile land.  She was a strong woman, someone who wasn’t afraid of adventure.  She loved her land and wanted to call a part of it her own.  When she was 25, she chose to leave her family’s farm and begin cultivating her own plot.

The young woman chose to cultivate fruit trees — they were plants she could climb and she loved the taste of their fruit.  At first, the land gave well.  It easily took the seeds she planted and they quickly sprouted.  The land hadn’t been worked in years and provided plenty of nutrients to her growing trees.

That first year was plentiful, and she had a large cache to store through the winter.  She shared the fruits with her friends and everyone knew she was successful in her venture.  So great was her praise that she soon forgot the hard work she had done to start growing the fruit — she began to rejoice only in the fruit.

Spring returned, and it was time to return to the soil.  Her neighbors began tilling their land to plant new seeds and carefully checked last years surviving crop to understand what was needed to keep the adult trees healthy.

But the young woman had forgotten how to do this early stage work.  Instead, she focused only on the trees that grew the year before, and only on the work she did in the fall to prepare the trees for winter.

As summer progressed, the young woman despaired.  There were no blossoms forming on the trees,  none of the signs of coming fruit.  With the advent of fall, the young woman could only weep, as there was no fruit.  Her stores from last year’s harvest hand worn thin, and she was starving.  What had happened to her beautiful fruit?

Are you able to relate to this story?  I am, because this happened to me in one of my ventures.  I started focusing only on the revenue of my business and forgot how to generate leads.  I forgot to plant seeds.

Every business is different so seeds for me means networking, being a member of local associations (or maybe national ones), giving back in some way (sponsorships, teaching), and encouraging referrals.  Can you think of seeds that are unique to your business?  What might they be?

Let’s start a conversation in the comments below about where your seeds may lie — you never know what ideas you’ll discover!