How to Build a Fiverr Empire

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Fiverr, an international freelancing website, is a platform on which one can build an entire career and six figure income.  Yet, as with many platforms, I see entrepreneurs make the classic mistake of assuming that the website will do all the work for you.  While this may be true once you’ve built momentum, the critical early stages of your Fiverr career are up to you.

What we’ll cover in this guide:

  • Why use Fiverr
  • Getting started / setting up shop
  • How to promote your new profile & gigs
  • Using your early work to rank high on Fiverr
  • When to raise your prices

So let’s go!

Why Use Fiverr?

Fiverr is an internationally recognized platform for hiring freelancers, serving 160 countries in 2019.  When business owners and companies need an expert outside their network, they typically go to Fiverr.  In fact, Fiverr boasts 2.4 million active buyers and 500 million tractions monthly.  In 2019, the average project cost was $170, and that number has grown year over year since Fiverr’s inception in 2010.  That’s a whole lot of opportunity!

But what if you want to be an entrepreneur, not a feelancer?

Fiverr is still an incredible source of lead generation and reputation building, especially when starting out.  A great example is my former eBlast Writer.   He was highly recommended on Fiverr, and we worked together on a few projects over the course of six months.  During that time, he slowly raised his prices, and soon was able to leave Fiverr to launch his own firm with many loyal clients in tow.

Starting your Fiverr Empire

Getting yourself launched on Fiverr is relatively simple.  First, go to their website, and click “Join” in the top right corner.  Follow the steps to create your login credentials and start populating your profile.  As you do, open another tab in your browser and search Fiverr for similar professionals in your field.  If you are interested in content marketing, search for fellow content marketers.  If you are interested in consulting, look for consultants in your area of expertise.  Select in the search filter to view top rated sellers first so you can see just how they describe themselves and put together their gigs.  My guide on Marketing will help you with this stage.

Fiverr has a great FAQ about becoming a seller, and I suggest you also check that out before diving deep.

After your profile is created, it’s time to create your Gigs.  Gigs are the work that you’ll be doing on Fiverr.  You can offer different levels and depth to your customers.  Again, I suggest looking at your competitors to see how they’ve structured their Gigs.

Here are a few considerations as you are planning your Gigs:

  1. Start low.  Your profile is brand new, and you don’t have any recommendations, yet.  Price yourself low so you can compete on price (for now) until you are a rated seller.
  2. Be mindful when setting the time frame for each Gig.  Can you accomplish one blog post in a day if someone selects your lowest level?  Sure.  But the goal here is to build an empire!  So let’s plan for that.  If you’re flooded with work, how much time do you want to complete each Gig?
  3. Take the time to create a beautiful cover for each Gig.  Gigs that have a photo that is creative, relevant, and includes the image of the seller (you) sell better because they feel personal and cared for.  If you care for your Gig, buyers will know you’ll care for their work, too.

If this feels overwhelming, start with just one Gig for now.  Buyers can’t purchase from you if you don’t have any Gigs on offer, so this step is critical, but not to be overthought.

Time to Promote Yourself

Self promotion feels pretty scary to a lot of people.  Put another way, you’re selling yourself and your skills, which can feel a bit odd.  Don’t worry!  We’re going to make this easy.

Once your profile is polished and your Gig live, it’s time to promote your profile.  Luckily, we all have loving, supportive, creative networks that want to see us succeed.  Oftentimes we know that our friends are talented, but have no way to buy from or support them.  I’m personally happy to support my friend’s careers wherever possible!  So think of this step as an invitation.  My Marketing Guide in the Academy will help with this step, too.

Do not overthink this!  Start with where you have the most people in one place.  Is that on Facebook, LinkedIn, or on an email list?

Here is what you need to include in your invitation:

  • What it is you’re doing
  • Why you’re asking for their support and help (a specific goal like seller ranking helps your friends focus on a cause, rather than feel like you’re begging for money)
  • How they can help
  • The benefits to them
  • Your Seller link
  • A request to share if they don’t need your services

My friend and fellow entrepreneur Kristin Lajeunesse created the PERFECT post to her social media asking for said support and engagement to launch her Fiverr empire.  She made mid-four figures in the first month alone from this ask!  Here is that early Facebook post:

Dear friends, I have recently joined Fiverr, as a seller, and am looking to reach the platform’s required 50 “gigs”/services WITHIN 60 days, in order to get their “badge of approval.” This will rank my profile higher in organic search AND allow me to charge more reasonably priced services. As such, if you know anyone looking for SUPER affordable copywriting work (we’re talking $10-$25 per gig) I’m currently offering 3 different options: (1) website auditing, copywriting/editing and content/article writing, (2) LinkedIn profile rewriting- includes cover photo design, and (3) done for you Facebook content/posts. Thank you in advance for any referrals! 🙏💜
➡️ ⬅️

Not only was this worded well, explaining exactly why her pricing was low and what she hoped to achieve in a short period of time (getting ranked on Fiverr), she also asked for shares and referrals.  And boy did she get them!

What Happens Next?

After you’ve shared your audacious post to your network, you’ll start receiving orders.  This does two things (aside form bring in the bucks).  One, it tells Fiverr’s algorithm that you are a desired Seller, and it will start promoting you higher in its own search engine for your industry.  Second, it gets you the stats you need to get to Level One as a seller.  Once you’ve been ranked, you will find that Fiverr sends you a lot more work organically, so you won’t be hustling your network forever.

It is critical that you fulfill your orders on time and at the level of expertise you would put in if they were paying you $150 instead of $15.  Your network will be impressed and share your Fiverr profile with other contacts.  You also need positive reviews and on time deliveries, as well as prompt replies to messages, in order to receive the coveted Level One rank.  The ranking cycle is monthly, so if you miss it your first month, don’t worry.  You’re not disqualified.  Keep hustling!

A quick expert note:  Include both text and a file in your delivery, even if it’s the same information.  Fiverr sometimes pulls your replies into your Gig photos to help promote you.

When Can I Raise My Prices?

We all need to raise our prices, eventually.  You’ll know it’s time when two things happen:

  1. You’ve been ranked as a Level One Seller
  2. You are receiving more work than you can realistically deliver within the set timeframe (even though you followed my advice above and thoughtfully set your delivery time to scale 😉 )

As you raise your prices, do so incrementally.  Don’t shock the market.  If you start your lowest Gig at $5, raise to $10, and raise the medium and top level offers in that Gig accordingly.  Rise your prices again as you level up and continue to grow your client base on Fiverr, so the time spent on each Gig is matched by a reasonable hourly rate.  This will take you a few months, so be patient.

Now, go get ’em, tiger!