Say YES! to finishing 2018 with a bang

Your business is rocking, but it seems like you’ve hit a ceiling.  You can’t manifest more time to work on the things that make you more money, and you wish you were spending more time with your family and loved ones.

You’re ready to find your key person — that first hire that can juggle as well as you can and has insight into your industry — but you’re not sure how to make such an important hire.

You may be wondering how to create the job description, how many times to conduct interviews with each candidate, and how to train them.  Knowing that these are important considerations is the first step in hiring right.

Hiring your first employee frees you to do the work that is most meaningful for your clients and customers, and wins back your work / life balance.  It is the cornerstone to scaling a profitable and lifestyle-friendly business.

And scaling creates freedom.

YOUR Key Person Will:

  • Free you to do the work that is most meaningful for your clients and customers
  • Win back (or finally create) some work / life balance
  • Get you on that vacation you deserve but never had the time for
  • Allow you to focus on playing with your kids without your business in the back of your head
  • Grow your income potential beyond anything you’ve seen before

How Hiring Changed My Business (And Life)

I used to think I had to have a surplus of work and funds to hire.  Without a guaranteed income, no one would want to work for me.  I didn’t know how to structure my first hire to grow with my company, nor did I know how to find the kind of person that could see the future like I could.

But I was starting to go crazy.  My business was healthy, but I couldn’t get it to grow any bigger.  My time, like yours, is finite, and that meant I couldn’t be the sales person for my business at the same time I was doing the work for my clients.

Even more, I was constantly tempted to work late into the evenings and over weekends.  That’s not the vision I held for myself!  I became an entrepreneur to have more freedom, not less!

Something had to give.

Stepping back from my business, I noticed that there were certain things I was doing all the time.  Repetitively.  And there was stuff that I needed two minds for.  Why was I letting myself down by juggling so much?  The moment I hired a key person who understood my business and could take on some of this work, my income potential exploded.

I remember the incredible feeling that I finally had a support system in my business!  Without my team, I never would have achieved a 10-hour work week.  I want that for you.

It’s time to free your time and finish 2018 like the badass you are.

What Clients Say

Kricket Horvath

She helped me to tailor the big picture as well as the practical steps…

“Before I met with Veronica I was super overwhelmed… Veronica listened carefully to my vision and gave me thoughtful suggestions for how to start.  She helped me to tailor the big picture as well as the practical steps to get there.  She offered suggestions that I never would have come to on my own.  I left feeling much more confident and capable with a clear idea of what to do next…

I highly recommend working with Veronica.  She is a deeply empowered entrepreneur whose experience, thoughtfulness, and care for others allows her to offer meaningful and authentic support beyond what you would be able to find elsewhere.”

Kricket HorvathEducational ConsultantIntegrative Child Therapy
Alex Schemmel

I would HIGHLY recommend Veronica…

“Veronica is a very personable, yet professional Entrepreneur Coach… After sitting down and meeting with her just one time, I had a MUCH clearer vision in my head and on paper of where I was as a business owner and not only where I needed to go, but how to get there as well. She takes the time and effort to make sure that your business succeeds as if it were her own…

I would HIGHLY recommend Veronica to anyone looking to start up a business or expand their current one.”

Alex SchemmelTechnology Consultant

Let’s find your key person so you can finish 2018 living your vision

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