Landing Clients and Growing Your Business During COVID-19

Yes it can be done!

COVID-19 has threatened many people’s livelihoods, and it continues to do so, even as restrictions are lifted. Though many say finding new business at this time is next to impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are ways to generate new leads at this time, as well as continue to nurture your present clients and customers. Let’s take a look at some tried and true methods.

Adapt to the New Normal

Overnight, COVID-19 changed the economic and business landscape, and it looks like these changes are here to stay.  Many businesses have moved online for the first time, while others are focusing heavily on e-commerce until their physical storefront reopens.

Land Business in New Markets

There are new opportunities opening up across markets, and they’re deserving of attention.  Just make sure you don’t pivot so hard that your current clients don’t recognize you.

Finding Support for an Online Pivot

Many entrepreneurs are finding themselves spending much more time attached to their computers for meetings and fulfillment that once took place in person.  Here are some of the lessons entrepreneurs learned from running an online business.

  • Understand the challenges of remote work so you’re better prepared to address them.
  • A dedicated home office space is a great investment to keep you focused and creative.
  • Add the right apps to your remote work toolkit to enhance your quality of work.
  • Don’t forget a killer morning routine helps you get things done throughout your day.

Ultimately, some creative thinking and leveraging of resources can open doors in this era of fast paced change. The new normal may demand adjustments from you, but it’s nothing you’re not already prepared to handle.