My List of Entrepreneur Support Resources

This will be an ongoing compendium.  Stay tuned for more!

This is the start of my official list of favorite Entrepreneur Support Resources.  While it may seem like I’m talking myself out of a job, as an entrepreneur you need all the support you can get.  My job is to work with you on specific pain points or personal blocks, to make you feel empowered and supported so you can be your best business self.  I can teach you to network like a ninja, help find your business blind spot, and bring big level thought to the table, but I can’t offer you community (yet).

Entrepreneur Groups were pivotal to my confidence.  I was too young when I started my business to have many friends doing the same.  I believe in the below groups, and hope you find the support and advice you need to continue your amazing work.

Membership Forums

Fizzle — I discovered Fizzle through its podcast.  Immediately I was amazed at the great content delivered by people who sounded like me.  It wasn’t stingy or straight laced, made me laugh, and gave me great direction for my work.  They offer podcast listeners a 5-week free trial, so I thought “why not?”  I was not prepared for the amount of content provided.

Fizzle offers a compendium of courses akin to the Lynda structure but detailed for entrepreneurs, a forum where you can get questions answered and build community, and a really amazing blog.  It’s worth looking into if you’ve been feeling alone, but be prepared for the time commitment to make the most of the investment.

The Female Entrepreneur Association  Carrie Green runs this show, and offers a good deal of support to her members.  The FEA also features a forum and videos, but is designed specifically for the needs of women entrepreneurs.  The FEA also publishes a monthly online magazine called This Girl Means Business highlighting amazing entrepreneurs and offering instruction and stories.

The cool thing is that the FEA is decidedly international, meaning you may suddenly network all over the world.  You also have access to ‘Ask the Expert’ modules so if you need more detailed help than the forum might provide, you have the chance to get it.  The FEA is competitively priced with Fizzle.

The Rising Tide  A community for designers and creatives.  Great for freelancers especially so you don’t slowly sink into your desk chair and never emerge.


Tuesdays Together A subset of The Rising Tide which meets locally in each city to instruct and support creatives on a variety of topics.  For example, my local chapter does monthly lectures and biweekly coworking at cafes.

la FEM collectif  A new organization geared toward supporting women’s careers in the film and multimedia industries.


I would be remiss if I left out books… mostly because I am utterly obsessed with them.

#GirlBoss — If you haven’t read this, do so now!!!  About the career of Sophia Amoruso and her skyrocket from rags to riches selling clothes online.

Fascinate  Sally Hogshead has had a fantastic career in brand design and PR.  In this book she shares some of her secrets, advises you how to wrap your noggin around your brand, and generally reminds you that you are a badass just the way you are.

The Success Principles  This is a tome.  While not written by a woman about a woman’s career, this book will help you organize your thoughts and direction.  For someone like me (a serial entrepreneur with all of the ideas), this book is a huge help.  I’ve recommended it to most of my friends (even those who aren’t entrepreneurs) and am sure I’ll be going through it over and over for the rest of my career.  Like I said, tome.

Please comment below if you know of a resource you’d like added to the list!  Include the link and I’ll take a look.  <3