Let’s Build Your Audacious Empire

Entrepreneurs are full of ideas, aren’t we?  And we want to do them all at once.  Unfortunately, what you have probably discovered is that when you try to birth all your ideas at the same time, your energy gets spread too thin and they don’t get to grow into the beautiful businesses that you know they can be.

That’s where I come in.  Together, we’ll take your work from a horizontal doing-everything-at-once model to a vertical empire strategy that will not only grow your ideas in a strategic multi-year plan, but also be fully scalable so you can sit on a beach in Fiji while they grow (aka. Self Care Through Scaling™).

Self Care Through Scaling™

Let’s build the structures your business needs so you can experience audacious growth and freedom.

What will happen when we scale your business:

  • Grow your income potential beyond anything you’ve seen before
  • Lower your stress so you have time to play
  • More time for self and others
  • Have time for vacation and adventure
  • You become free to do the work that is most meaningful for your clients and customers
  • Discover that you are a gifted entrepreneur that can achieve any dream

Together we will:

  • Create time-saving systems to maximize your work
  • Automate the parts of your business that repeat
  • Develop a plan for finding your key person and hire them (when you’re ready)
  • Create your unique balance between the work you love and the life you want
  • Strategize your business to make massive impact and be highly attractive to your ideal customer
  • Consider your identity (if you are LGBTQ or GSRD) within your business

“Before I met with Veronica I was super overwhelmed with the scope of all that starting my own business entails.  I knew I had a great idea but didn’t know how to proceed.  Veronica listened carefully to my vision and gave me thoughtful suggestions for how to start.  She helped me to tailor the big picture as well as the practical steps to get there.  She offered suggestions that I never would have come to on my own.  I left feeling much more confident and capable with a clear idea of what to do next.  She also offered wonderful advice on how to develop an affordable website and how to tailor my language for the online world.  Her passion for her work was contagious.”

Kricket Horvath
Kricket HorvathEducational ConsultantIntegrative Child Therapy

Start with a complimentary 40min. Strategy Session to determine areas for radical business growth, the next steps for you to reach your dream entrepreneurial lifestyle, and if your business is a fit for Self Care Through Scaling™ coaching.