Business is hard enough — stop doing it alone.

Have you ever thought,
"My business is running ME..."

SCALING:lab is for you!

Scaling is all about reducing your time exposure (how much your business pulls you in regardless of best-laid plans), and labs are where we get to experiment, take risks, and build exponential, repeatable results.

Veronica’s done an amazing job curating people from all around the world who are in line with the mission of helping other owners scale their businesses, and gain the kind of freedom that all entrepreneurs wanted when they first got started. And honestly, this group is one of the biggest reasons why I feel like achieving that freedom is within grasp.
— Michael Fritzius, Exactly Zero

“If even one small business owner burns out and gives up, that is one too many, and a loss of potential to all humanity.”   —VK

Hi! I'm Veronica.

I struggled with burnout for years before I heard of scaling. I can’t believe how many small business owners get left behind because they’re not taught the #1 tool for freedom in entrepreneurship! That’s why I created SCALING:lab. I want to teach you how to scale your business like I did — resulting in my peace of mind, consistent income, a 10hr workweek, and backpacking Europe before selling my business! This amazing global community, group coaching, and academy of guides + courses will change your business forever.



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A la carte courses designed to demystify scaling through common business offerings + direct support from Veronica.


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