Join the 2024 SCALING:lab Cohort

Time is your only non-renewable resource. It’s time you got it back.


  • Sleeping Profits, Restful Nights: Your business effortlessly earns while you enjoy peaceful nights, thanks to SCALING:lab’s strategic insights.
  • Weekly Wisdom for Your Business: Gain clarity on your business needs weekly, making decisions easier and freeing up your time for what truly matters.
  • Team Empowerment, Time Liberation: Build a dynamic team that not only lightens your workload but also liberates your time, giving you the freedom to focus on your priorities.
  • Effortless Training Harmony: Watch your training system operate smoothly, saving you time and ensuring seamless processes.
  • Confidence Revival, Excited for the Future: Renewed confidence and business clarity bring peace of mind and more time for what you love (and for vacation!).
  • End of Year Bonuses for You and Your Team: Set the stage for end-of-year bonuses, fostering a culture of shared success.
  • Imposter Syndrome Vanquished: Experience a transformative journey where imposter syndrome fades away, replaced by a confident entrepreneurial spirit.

When companies scale, they add revenue at a faster rate than they take on new costs.

Unlock True Business Freedom with SCALING:lab

Tired of the hustle that’s supposed to make your dreams come true? You’re not alone. As an entrepreneur, you dove into your passion, hoping for freedom, but it feels more like a grind.

The Problem: The Myth of More Time

Many entrepreneurs think the solution is more time, only to watch their hourly income crumble. It’s time to break free from the hustle culture and the solo journey myth.

The Solution: SCALING:lab

Welcome to SCALING:lab, where we redefine success. This isn’t just another group coaching program; it’s your ticket to a life beyond the daily grind. Meet your new besties, ten incredible business leaders from around the world, all working to scale their dreams. Veronica, your guide, brings her firsthand experience of scaling a tech company to a ten-hour workweek, launching two businesses simultaneously (without losing her mind), and her award-winning system centered around the human aspect of business.

What to Expect

In SCALING:lab, we’re not just a program; we’re a community. Each week, our group sessions are your compass in the scaling journey. Veronica will be your navigator, ensuring you’re on track with check-ins, interactive workshops, partner collaborations, and personalized coaching. Say goodbye to falling behind; say hello to a roadmap for success.

Why 2024 Doesn’t Have to Be a Repeat of 2023

If you’re eager for a change, SCALING:lab is your catalyst. If the thought of another year mirroring the last one fills you with dread, it’s time we had a conversation.

What You Gain

  • Buddy System: A growth partner dedicated to your success.
  • Weekly 1-Hour Sessions: Dive deep with Veronica, exploring workshops tailored for your business.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Over 30 guidebooks, 5 courses, and 15 video tutorials.

Join us in SCALING:lab, and let’s make 2024 the year you break free from the myth and redefine success on your terms.

When We Meet

Each Thursday at 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST

Where We Meet

Group Sessions via Zoom

Months We Meet

February—July 2024

… And Then We Go On a Retreat in Croatia

EMPIRE: Your Business Finale in Split, Croatia

After mastering the Three Pillars of Business Scaling in SCALING:lab, EMPIRE awaits as your crescendo—an exclusive retreat designed for SCALING:lab graduates. This isn’t just a retreat; it’s the embodiment of your learning, a five-day immersion in Split, Croatia, where your business evolution takes center stage.

Diocletian’s Palace

Armed with SCALING:lab insights, step into EMPIRE in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace. Founded by the Emperor of Rome nearly 2,000 years ago, this historic site becomes your classroom, a place where ancient energies meet modern business strategies.

Explore History, Beauty, and Business

While mastering SCALING:lab tools, explore southern Croatia’s stunning landscapes. Our excursions offer historical revelations and moments of beauty echoing your business transformation.

Is Combining SCALING:lab with EMPIRE Right for You?

Consider this combined experience if:

  • You Aspire for a Seamless Business Journey: Merge SCALING:lab’s foundational strategies seamlessly with the immersive EMPIRE retreat.
  • Values of Freedom and Peace: Infuse freedom and peace into your entrepreneurial journey through this combined SCALING:lab and EMPIRE experience.
  • Immersive Knowledge Excites You: Solidify SCALING:lab’s knowledge through an experiential layer that enriches your understanding.
  • Ancient Energies Fascinate You: Blend modern expertise with historic inspiration, tapping into transformative ancient energies.
  • Desire for In-Person Camaraderie: Build connections digitally in SCALING:lab and enhance them in person at EMPIRE for collective growth.
  • Vision Transcends the Initial Step: Craft a vision for a genuinely different business and life experience, amplifying your impact today and in the future.

What to Expect at EMPIRE

Build upon SCALING:lab’s foundation as Veronica shares the system that transformed her workweek, catapulted her business, and allowed her to backpack through Europe. Each day unveils a new tool reshaping your business and defining your entrepreneurial journey.

Experience Southern Croatia Beyond Business

As we delve into business strategies, embark on breathtaking excursions, enriching your journey and becoming a vivid part of your business narrative.

Reconnect with SCALING:lab Fellows

EMPIRE is a reunion with your SCALING:lab fellows, fostering collaboration to refine and amplify the toolkit developed during SCALING:lab.

Why Wait Two Months Before Attending EMPIRE?

Live in your business without SCALING:lab’s training wheels for two months. Attend EMPIRE in September 2024 with a profound awareness, ready to pinpoint growth opportunities and extract maximum value from this immersive experience.

Unlock Your Time with SCALING:lab

  • Group Coaching Sessions: Participate in interactive group coaching sessions with training built in, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Strategic Development Tools: Receive expert guidance and tools for strategic business development, empowering confident scaling.
  • Global Community Access: Build valuable connections with an international cohort, fostering a diverse and supportive network.
  • Extensive Learning Resources: Access guidebooks, courses, and tutorials, ensuring a comprehensive toolkit for continuous success.
  • July Graduation: Conclude your journey with a July graduation, aligning with a well-deserved summer break.
  • Flexible Online Learning: Keep your growth on track with the flexibility of online learning, allowing participation from anywhere.

for six months

Get the Full SCALING:lab + EMPIRE Experience

  • Everything in SCALING:lab PLUS:
  • July Graduation & EMPIRE Retreat: Conclude your SCALING:lab journey in July, followed by an immersive EMPIRE retreat, celebrating achievements and planning your next steps.
  • Exclusive EMPIRE Experience: Elevate your journey with EMPIRE, a transformative retreat in Split, Croatia, merging ancient empire practices with modern business strategies.
  • Historic Setting, Future Planning: Immerse yourself in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace, gaining inspiration from the rich history as you plan the future of your business.
  • Excursions and Exploration: Experience stunning excursions around southern Croatia, combining history and beauty for a truly memorable conclusion to your program.

for six months

Enrollment Closes December 31

There are only ten slots available to ensure a tight-knit group and comprehensive coaching in each session. Book a call with Veronica to discuss a fit for your business.


Several of my clients join my program while also working with other coaches. If you want 2024 to be a massive growth year, there’s nothing wrong with amassing all the help you can get!

Solopreneurship is a myth. Humans weren’t designed to go it alone – from our earliest days to our entrepreneurial future. We need each other. The application process helps me build a beautiful group of people who all want the same thing: to love their business and their lives. That gives you a cohort of like-minded individuals with whom you can build a life-long relationship.

SCALING:lab is entirely online, while EMPIRE is in person. This special blend ensures you get the most out of the program while still building long-lasting relationships. Each Zoom session will be recorded, so if you need to skip a session. you won’t fall behind.

You’ll be given the choice between full-pay (with savings) or monthly payments. Whatever feels best for you and your budget. If you are concerned that the fee is out of reach, you are still encouraged to schedule a call. I am not a fan of financial exclusion and have a few reduced slots available for those who ask.

The cohort is limited to ten people total to ensure an intimate setting, time for coaching each individual, and relationship building between all members.

Any business can be scaled. However, I recommend that your business be at least one year of age so you are familiar with its quirks, pain points, and entrepreneurship in general.

Only social impact entrepreneurs are invited to this cohort. Your business must be doing something to make the world better. Examples are equity and inclusion, products that don’t poison, healthcare initiatives, environmental causes, and community-based organizations. If you’re not sure, feel free to apply and we’ll discuss!

You cannot ‘time manage’ your business to be more profitable, equitable, and scalable. Time management will help you with tasking and projects, and we will definitely discuss it, but the issues that are endemic to hustle culture and burnout are structural.

EMPIRE takes place in Split, Croatia. All supplies, three excursions, coaching (including a 1:1 session), coffee, and snacks are included. We will stay at a beautiful hotel within the bounds of Diocletian’s palace, with breakfast included.  Hotel reservation and flight is not included.

Enrollment Closes December 31

There are only ten slots available to ensure a tight-knit group and comprehensive coaching in each session. Book a call with Veronica to discuss a fit for your business.