Degrees of Separation Podcast | Ameeta Davis

I was especially excited to talk to Ameeta because she is a Writer and Business Coach (and I’m in the middle of publishing my first book).  But her first (second, and third) career was as a Computer Software Specialist.  Find out more about Ameeta’s work at

Degrees of Separation Podcast | Sara DiVello

“I’ve started thinking about time as a currency, and none of us has unlimited time.”

Sara DiVello is the author of Where In The Om Am I?  She left a six figure job in order to study yoga and lead a healthier life.  Learn more about her path in this episode.

Find out more about Sara at 

Degrees of Separation Podcast | Chad Bostick

Chad is this season’s wild card interview.  That’s because, even though this podcast is all about using a degree in an unconventional manner, Chad didn’t get a degree.  In this episode we discuss entrepreneurship as an alternative to University and College degrees.

Chad is the host of the Hello Tech Pros podcast, found here:

Degrees of Separation Podcast | Kolby Goodman

Kolby Goodman is a career specialist who started his work by reading and editing resumes and cover letters for friends and family.  Find out how he can help you grow your career at

Degrees of Separation Podcast | Katherine Chalmers

Katherine Chalmers is a recovering Liberal Arts major who became a Marketing Specialist for early stage software companies.  Wow!  Find out more about her at

Degrees of Separation Podcast | Farzad Mesbahi

Farzad Mesbahi is a Mathematician who owns an Escape Room in Bethlehem, PA.  Discussing his transition and how math plays a significant role, not only in being an entrepreneur, but in designing an Escape Room, is fascinating!

Find out more about his Escape Room at

Degrees of Separation Podcast | Jeff Large

Jeff Large spent many years being a teacher.  Now, he owns a company that builds eCommerce websites on WordPress.  How does one make that transition?  He’ll tell you all about it in this podcast episode.

Find out more about Jeff at

Degrees of Separation Podcast | Jason Schemmel

Jason is a little bit of everything.  He is the host of Beers and Games in Grand Rapids, Michigan, founder of college job board Entrprsr, and Social Media guru at Zondervan (subsidiary of Harper Collins).  He is also an avid hockey fan and loves Minions, which comes up during this silly podcast episode.

Degrees of Separation Podcast | Andrew Montpetit

Andrew Montpetit is an incredible designer and animator — but he went to school for Theology!  Check out how that played a role in his career in this episode of the Degrees of Separation Podcast.


Andrew’s first project.

Find out more about Andrew at