How Stress is hurting your Business Relationships

An unfortunate trend I see in many new entrepreneurs, whether or not they’re aware of it, is they throw their stress at each other, their partners, and their friends.  What is throwing stress?  This term I developed to describe someone who uses their stress to push against other people and events in their lives on an energetic level.

That is, they reply to inquiry from a place of stress, exemplifying all the things that they have happening to them right now in this moment, and citing them as excuses as to why they haven’t replied, why they haven’t gotten the meeting done or scheduled, etc.

They are so embroiled in the experience of all the balls that they are juggling, that they will say, “I’ve done X, Y, and Z, and I have a, b, and c still on the docket. That’s why I haven’t responded yet.”

Almost always, those entrepreneurs who throw their stress will cite these excuses before an excuse is needed.  This is the difference between an entrepreneur who is in control of their experience and one who is not.  An entrepreneur in control would reply, “I got your message, and I will let you know soon.”

What do I mean by ‘in control’?  How can one ever be in control in business?

Just as in life, there are only so many things we can control in business.  Things like our task management, our lead generation, ideation stream, goal setting, project deadlines, and pricing.  By managing well the things within your control, those things out of your control will be far less stressful.

Good business management can even be the difference between an emergency being catastrophic or a minor stress.  In one scenario, the business suffers or even must go bankrupt due to the emergency, while the other has a ‘rainy day fund’ that handles the event seamlessly.

If you find yourself using your business as an excuse more often than not, it is time to reexamine how you are managing your daily life.

What do you need to be saying no to? Do you need a better task management system? A financial system like YNAB? Or better levels of organization? Or do you need to simply examine how you’re managing stress and integrate a meditation or yoga practice into your life?

Your friends and family love you.  Your colleagues trust you, and show it by working with you over and over again.  They don’t need any excuses.  They will still be by your side regardless if you are busy.  Telling them that you are busy before they ever ask for explanation or apologies is a symptom of too much stress stress and a lack of faith in others due to a likely lack of faith in yourself.

Take this tough-love moment to reexamine your work.  I know that you did not start a business to be this stressed out.  Take care.






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Getting Ready for 2017

Last week’s Facebook Live Q&A focused on getting ready for 2017.  This can be an overwhelming time for many entrepreneurs as they close things for the year and get ready for the next.  Let’s have a look at the three major spots to hit, and simplify them so you can get them done.

1) Financial Planning

I know I just made you squeamish.  I’m sorry!  Does it make it better if I provide you with a super awesome spreadsheet that allows you to simply fill in the blanks?  Yes?  YAY!  Go to the Resource Library to download it.

Financial planning is simply using this year’s numbers to predict next year’s budget.  This way you can plan for savings and growth.  By savings I mean your savings so, when you hit that yearly dry spell (that everyone has), you’re not stressed.  By growth I mean hiring that new superstar to make your business dreams come true (don’t we all want one?).

Start by downloading the spreadsheet below.  You’ll see some numbers already entered in — they’re to show you how the spreadsheet works.  Delete a number and see how everything else changes.

From there, start by entering real numbers into the spreadsheet.  Start with the cash you  had on hand at the start of last year.  You’ll only need to add it in Month One — the rest will auto-generate (though you can make changes).  Begin entering monthly income as well.  Finally, enter monthly expenses near the bottom.  Watch as the numbers auto-generate to predict the flow of your year.

2)  Set Some Goals

I know everyone is telling you to set new year goals.  So is pretty much everything else in life — that’s what the new year is all about, right?  Well, I’m sorry you may feel pressured, but I’m not sorry you’ll be setting goals.  Here’s an easy way to break them down, as seen in the Passion Planner (my favorite planner… which I talk about so often I probably should buy stock).

Goals could be as simple as ‘finish that course’ or as complex as strategy for growth.  Consider partnerships and community involvement as you brainstorm.  Once you have a single goal broken down, add its milestones into your calendar for next year.  If you’re ambitious, add more than one goal and its milestones!

Check out this handy goal-setting Roadmap from Passion Planner!

3) Get Ahead

Now is the time to get ahead.  We shut down halfway through December in order to stay sane, which makes it the perfect time to work on the things I never have time for.  What could you be doing to set things straight for 2017?  Get ahead on blog posts, make those phone calls, have coffee with people you met at a networking event.  Everyone’s list is different, but I know there’s at least one thing on yours.  Take care of these things now so you can hit the ground running in January (instead of faceplanting).

2017 is just around the corner!  How are you getting ready?