What I Learned from Trying to Overhaul the Student Loan Industry

Am I actually advocating for the student loan industry?  The industry that systematically shackles our youth to debt?  No, I’m not.  But I do have a different perspective on HOW the system got to where it is and WHY it’s become such a cluster !*@$.

Last year I decided to found a startup that would overhaul the student loan industry.  Literally.  I had a disruptive business model planned with investment goals, programs, and services.  This was during the recession, and student loan interest rates seemed out of proportion to the ability to earn an income.  I thought the going mortgage interest rate was a completely reasonable gauge for the economy, and would be an much better rate to offer students.  I hoped to forgive student debt bought by my company by connecting current students to work opportunities that would then pay for a portion of their schooling, pay off debt, or provide opportunities for graduation.  I ran numbers and talked to consultants.  I really believed I could do it.  Read more