How To Launch A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

It’s no secret that I’m in the middle of finishing a book entitled “Stories of Elders:  What the Greatest Generation Knows About Technology that You Don’t” (published in September 2018).  What most people don’t realize is that I Kickstarted the funds to travel and conduct the interviews needed for the book.

Kickstarter is an incredible tool for developing and funding a project where other funding may not exist. Since it was founded in 2009, Kickstarter has successfully funded over 125,000 projects amounting to over $3 Billion dollars (wow!). The website is highly trafficked, offering backers cool Rewards for their dollars — like the opportunity to try a product first — and the ability to be on the front lines of what’s new in the world.

Creating a successful Kickstarter Campaign, however, is not easy. It takes a lot of work, dedication, and the ability to communicate your story affectively. With these tools by your side, you might just have the start of your next big thing.

To prepare for my Kickstarter Campaign, I met with several other successful Kickstarter Campaigners to figure out the special sauce of a successful Campaign. Now, I’m bringing the lessons I learned from them and from my personal experience to you in this awesome guide, the current Featured Guide in the Resource Library.

Want one-on-one support for planning a Kickstarter campaign that succeeds?  Get on my calendar!

How to Choose Your Social Media Platform

Remember what business was like before social media?  No?  Oh…

Today, starting a business includes being online.  This is the number one way your clients and customers get to know you.  Even customers of brick and mortar stores check out their website first 80% of the time.

In addition to your website there is social media.  It’s easy to get lost in the noise.  There are so many to choose from and it can be extremely time consuming.  So often do I speak with small business owners and entrepreneurs who are driving themselves crazy managing five or seven different accounts.  Don’t do that!

I developed an awesome Workbook for people just like you:  Entrepreneurs who are growing their business and want to leverage an online presence to support that growth.  I take you step by step to help decide where your people are and what platforms to use.  The only social media platform that is universal is Facebook (yeah, sorry), but luckily it’s easy to link to others.

In addition to choosing which platforms to use, my Workbook help you streamline so you’re editing only one source.  That’s right — you don’t have to jump from Facebook to Twitter to Google Plus in order to be able to manage multiple platforms.

Love this idea?  Want to get started?  Head over to the Resource Library to download the Social Media Guide.