You don’t work for Henry Ford

“Can I start work at 1pm?” a client asked me recently.  Entrepreneurs are blessed with the flexibility to choose our own schedule.  Work 10 hours one day and then take the next day off.  No one is watching.  Who cares?  As long as we meet the needs of our clients and customers, there is nothing holding us back.

Or is there?

The 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule was designed in 1914 by Henry Ford.  He discovered that an eight hour work day, which had been a concept for years but never guaranteed by any employer, was the optimal work period.  He saw production go up, and the weekend time off mentally and emotionally benefitting his workers.

Study after study has shown that at least one day off a week is necessary for mental health.  Even zoo animals need time away from their visitors in order to stay healthy.  In this video I describe just how you can harness your freedom by making your own work schedule.

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