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The Power of AB Days

In 2016, my tech company was growing.  Fast.  I’d started scaling through systemizing, automation, and hiring a team, and by all counts it was going great.

Except that I was pulling my hair out to get the business admin work done.  I was so busy!  But I wasn’t too busy.  In fact, my hours were dropping.  Yet, whenever I felt like I finally had time to answer emails, develop documentation, or blog, a meeting came up, a phone call came in, and I lost my edge.  I’d be exhausted by 3pm and couldn’t work anymore.

Then I discovered AB Days, and everything changed.  I didn’t have to give up networking, client meetings, or strategy sessions with the team, but my productivity skyrocketed (as did my peace of mind).

What are AB Days?  Simply put, it’s a method for segmenting your time so you have the space to get shit done.  Literally, my A days are my action days.  These are the days I schedule clients, take meetings, network, and give my time to others.  I may get some business systems work done in between, but those days are set aside for meetings.

B days are my business days.  This is when the internal work happens, and my calendar is blocked.  Clients can’t schedule with me, I don’t go to coffee with colleagues, and I don’t take meetings.  Segmenting a day or two a week to truly move my business forward I can take meetings on my A days knowing that everything is getting done.

Check out my latest YouTube video on this topic.  Does this sound like a good idea for your business?