Let’s Grow Your Audacious Empire

It’s time to uplevel your business.  You’ve been working hard, have a delicious body of work, and amazing clients or customers.  But it’s time to take it to the next level.  Perhaps you want a wider reach, a greater platform to birth more of your audacious gift into the world, or you want to give your product or idea the best possible chance of success.  VIP Days offer an in person deep dive into planning these next steps.  You’ll walk away with an audacious plan, resources to keep you on track, and, in come cases, the work already started.  Below are the three most popular ways to use a VIP Day.  Schedule a Business Upleveling Session to learn more or discuss an alternative focus for your VIP Day.

Launch A Podcast

The time has come to elevate your voice and authority in your specialty.  Though I outline many of the first steps in my Audacious Podcast Course, it can be hard to know where to start for your unique work.  A Podcast VIP Day will create the plan to stitch your podcast into your business, a future plan for how to use it to grow your business and authority further, and many of the concrete steps necessary for the podcast to launch completed.

Develop A Book Plan

It’s time to share your expertise with the world.  We will plan how the book will fit into your business and generate even more leads, whether through entering the speaking circuit, strategizing a sister course that supplements the book, special product offerings, and more.  All this based on my best-selling book that was funded by Kickstarter and is accompanied by a podcast!

Plan A Crowdfunding Campaign

Did you know that 2 in 3 Kickstarter Campaigns fail?  If you’re anything like me, you have been developing a project for some time, and you want your fundraising to be a success.  While my famous Kickstarter Guide explains how I successfully fundraised for my own project (and became a Staff Pick), it takes detailed planning to tie the work into your business for ongoing success before, during, and after the Campaign.

Let’s get started with a complimentary 40min. Business Upleveling Session (a $299 value) to determine if your podcast, book, or crowdfunding idea is a fit for a VIP Day.

What you’ll receive during your VIP Day

  • Stay in America’s Art Deco City

    Veronica will meet you at the gorgeous Detroit Foundation Hotel in the heart of the Motor City.  Receive a two night stay in an art deco paradise designed at the height of Detroit’s grandeur.

  • Tool Kit & Resources

    Receive any of Veronica’s custom guides from her Resource Library in ongoing support of your VIP Day work.

  • Build & Launch

    Over the course of this 6 hour one on one focused session, you and Veronica will dig deep into building a plan for your podcast, book, or crowdfunding campaign.  We will develop its own business plan, tie it in to your current work, and take the necessary steps for you to get started.

  • Be Treated

    Veronica will send a car to receive you at the airport, treat you to lunch during your session, and take you to a celebratory dinner at one of Detroit’s favorite restaurants to complete your day.

  • Before & After Support

    Receive two 30-minute sessions in support of your VIP Day.  Your initial 30-minute session will prepare you for your VIP Day, and your post-VIP Day session will support your success as you implement the work we did together.

Alicia Gerstner

“After spending [time] with Veronica I feel as though I have renewed sense of direction and purpose. I had pieces of the puzzle but I wasn’t sure where they fit, what order I should start in, or if I was missing anything. Veronica was able to help me put these things into focus. She is excellent collaborator, at no point did I feel judged or silly for asking a question or asking her to clarify something. She has such an immense knowledge base and the ability to communicate her experiences into clear advice and direction. I cannot recommend Veronica highly enough and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

Alicia GerstnerPrivate Counselor

Ready to get your podcast, book, or crowdfuding idea off the ground?  Let’s get started with a complimentary 40min. Business Upleveling Session (a $299 value).