Why I Changed The Name of my Facebook Group

It was mid-2017 when I decided I wanted to lead a Facebook group.  I loved working privately with clients, but knew I wanted a larger entrepreneurial community around me as my coaching business grew.  I live for success stories and love supporting others in getting there.

At the time I was positioned toward working with female entrepreneurs exclusively.  The ah-hah that I might want to market to queer entrepreneurs hadn’t struck, yet, but I did know I wanted more of the divine feminine energy around me.

Many of my friends were starting their own Facebook groups.  I began doing market research, asking for advice from those who had seasoned groups, and looked online for best practices.  I wanted to make sure I did it right.

After tons of brainstorming, I finally came up with The Fempreneur Forum, with the hashtag Build Your #FEMpire.  It was a badass start that I felt really proud of.

Fast forward a year, and I am not only coaching women, but also people who identify as gay, trans, queer, and more.  I always encourage my new clients to join the Facebook group so they can surround themselves with some yummy community and share stories.  It was at this time that I started hearing from my male-identified clients that they didn’t feel like the group was for them.


Oh shit.

As someone who works hard to be inclusive (and to learn fast when a mistake has been made), that sucked to hear.  I invited them in, changed some of the language, but it largely stayed the same.  It was the Fempreneur Forum.  Lovely alliteration and solid vision.

But I could see that it wasn’t aligning with all of my work.  It was just a sliver of what I offered, just a sliver of my community, just a sliver of what I knew it could be.

I’ve spent the past few months thinking hard about this.  As the new year approaches, I’d like to start off strong, truly building a tribe.  I’m rolling out a newsletter in January 2019 full of goodies for Audacious Entrepreneurs who want the latest resources to accelerate their growth.  I launched my Resource Library in December 2018 to provide even more support to entrepreneurs.  And I revived my VIP Days to help launch entrepreneurs who want to build an empire but don’t know where to start.

I couldn’t leave my group behind.

After much deliberation and loving help from my current MasterMind with Alexia Vernon, I landed on the name.  The Audacious Entrepreneur’s Sandbox — Build an Empire.  Change the World.  It fully embodies the kind of entrepreneur I am (one that doesn’t sit still and is constantly attaining new heights in her business(es)) and the kind of entrepreneur I want to serve.  I want to meet entrepreneurs where their vision and reality blend, and help pull that vision into reality.

The kind of programming I want to offer in the group meets that dream.  2019 is going to be awesome in so many ways, and I’m excited to see my Facebook group come alive once more.  If this resonates with you and your colleagues, please invite them into this group’s rebirth so we can thrive together.  Hope to see you there!

Need to work on your own brand language?  Get on my calendar!