Why Podcasting is the Next Step to Building Your Empire

Building an empire (an audacious group of offerings developed by a single expert) isn’t something one simply completes and moves on from.  Empire building for entrepreneurs is an ongoing process, especially for thought leaders and serial entrepreneurs.  You have a lot to offer the world and each new addition to your business is a stepping stone to new heights.

Today I want to talk about podcasting and how it is the perfect next step to your empire building.  Podcasting is not new – if you haven’t heard of it, well, get on your phone and explore Apple Podcasts or Google Play — and its format really is just radio broadcasting for the 21st century.  So we’re not reinventing the wheel by starting a podcast.

Now, I’ve written an entire guide on the how-to in creating a podcast.  So we’re not going to spend a lot of time on that in this blog post.  Instead, I want you to truly understand WHY you need to add a podcast to your empire.

Your Authority Is Showing

The first and most important thing that a podcast does for a business is it shows your authority in your field.  Couldn’t you acheive this by getting interviewed on other podcasts and media outlets?  Well, sure… to an extent.  But it takes away your control, means you are always at the mercy of others, and it doesn’t create as much authority as owning your own podcast channel.  Here’s why.

By founding your own podcast channel, you are telling the world, “I am such an expert that I am able to create an entire channel around my knowledge.”  Sounds pretty audacious, doesn’t it?

Well, it is.  And that’s exactly the point.  Even as you squirm a little because that sounds pretty big, I know you have this.  You’ve been running your business long enough (and you’ve been in your field even longer) that you absolutely are an expert.

Feeling uncomfortable about creating all that content on your own?  Bring other experts onto your show to interview them, and your content will create itself!  This episode of my podcast gives great tips on how to do this really well right off the bat so your guests feel totally pampered and experience you as an expert colleague.

Holy Reach Batman!

The next thing that a podcast can do for your empire is reach new audiences.  The podcast apps use algorithms to recommend new and related podcasts to audiences, which means that you can get in front of people you otherwise wouldn’t have.

The critical thing is that you know this from the get-go so you can leverage this opportunity.  One of the biggest things I teach my clients is to always have a call to action prepared for any media exposure.  Don’t get me wrong — media exposure is awesome on its own, and absolutely helps elevate your authority, but if you have a ‘next step’ for readers or listeners to engage with you, you will build your followership and generate leads.

What does this mean for you as a podcast host?  Asking listeners to simply subscribe isn’t enough.  You need to welcome them into your empire in some way.  This may be by describing the exclusive show notes on your podcasting website where other offers are then made, or by inviting them to your empire’s Facebook group, or following on social media so you can speak to them about your latest offer when it comes.

Building an audience is fantastic, but you also need to consider how you’ll lead them from day one.

Network, network, network.

Finally, a podcast can build your network in a way that few other outlets can.  Why?  If you are hosting guests on your show (which I highly recommend), you have the opportunity to build your network with fellow experts.

This was the biggest mistake I made on my first podcast.  I go deeper into it in my podcasting guide, but, in short, I overlooked the opportunity I had to build my network by interviewing people who were fellow entrepreneurs.  Just as I expanded my reach to new audiences and followers, I also expanded my reach to other entrepreneurs who could have become colleagues and friends.

Luckily, we’re still connected on Facebook and LinkedIn, but I could have done so much more through the show.  Ask your guests if they need any help with current projects, invite them into your empire, and see if there is anything you can collaborate on.  You never know how these connections will amplify your work.

That’s it!  If you’re curious about starting your own podcast and want some help, sign up for my Audacious Podcasting Course.  Right now it’s only $17 (usually $97), so if you’ve had any notion you want to start a podcast, now is the time to explore it!