Hi, I’m Veronica.

I’m an award-winning author with work published in magazines, journals, anthologies, and more. I’m adept at writing non-fiction, fiction, essays, and poetry. I also recognize how hard it can be when you are slogging through your own work. Us writers sometimes lose perspective. That’s why I help other writers with their projects. We all need a little support!

Editing Services

Why can’t authors edit their own work? They can! But it pays off big when a project gets another set of eyes. I’m happy to do simple line edits to proofread your work when you can’t look at the manuscript anymore. I also love working on structure, theme, and tone as a developmental editor. I know what literary magazine editors are looking for (I am one, myself), and what agents need (I landed mine in only six days of querying). If you feel you’re stuck in the weeds and need help polishing your piece into a publishable manuscript, I’ve got you.

My rates are pretty competitive:

  • Developmental editing: $.06 per word
  • Basic copyediting: $.016 per word
  • Proofreading: $.01 per word

Author Coaching

I don’t believe in writer’s block, but I do believe an issue in the author’s mind may appear as a block. Typically, what’s actually at play is imposter syndrome, shadow work, or being over-chunked (overwhelmed by the size of the project).

I help authors clarify the thesis of their book, structure their projects, and shake out any dark nasties that are keeping them from being the best creators they can be. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs for over six years on these same problems and have a proven track record for cheerleading individuals past their blocks and to their goals. Entrepreneurs and authors alike have big ideas that require strategy and planning. I’m happy to help 1:1, or you can check out my course “The Business of Books.”

Let’s Discuss Your Project

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