Meet Veronica Kirin

disrumpere // to break into pieces or burst asunder

Hi. I’m Veronica. I’m a serial entrepreneur, an audacious entrepreneur; an entrepreneur building an empire. I dream big, thrive on out-of-the-box thinking, and truly believe change is possible—as long as you can figure out the how.

I work with Audacious Entrepreneurs™ who want to get disruptive and change the world (and industries) for the better.  Entrepreneurs who know they have incredible skill and something profound to offer.  Whether you identify as an Entrepreneur, a Small- or Medium-Sized Business Owner, Freelancer, or Sole Proprietor, if you have a business (or idea) and it’s tied to a vision for the future, then you, my friend, are building an empire, and that’s damn awesome.

I provide the guidance, structure, and expertise to disrupt the status quo and scale your business into the diverse legacy you envision (and beyond) while freeing your time and energy to continue your work.

My clients have been featured on media platforms such as The Today Show, Forbes, TEDx, and have been featured by Beyoncé, Martha Stewart, and more.  They have launched books, products, retreats, and global speaking careers.  That could be you!

Sound awesome?  Well, let’s get to know each other.  Find me in the Disruptive Entrepreneur Society on Facebook, sign up for the Audacious Entrepreneur Newsletter, or, if you’re really feeling good, let’s hop on a 15min Intro Call call to discover the biggest opportunities to grow your business into an empire today.

PS — Feel like you’re ready for more RIGHT NOW and don’t want to stand in line to get the deep advising you seek?  A VIP Day might be right for you.


2021 Forbes NEXT 1,000
2020 Business Global Awards Most Innovative SME Business Coach
2020 International Book Award (for her book Stories of Elders)
2020 National Indie Excellence Award (for her book Stories of Elders)
2020 BEQ 40 LGBTQ Business Leaders Under 40 Awardee
2019 Corp! Magazine Diversity Business Leader Award
2019 Women Economic Forum Exceptional Woman of Excellence
2018 GRBJ 40under40 Business Leaders
2017 Top Women Owned Businesses Honoree
Gold, Silver, and Bronze Congressional Medals for Volunteerism
Presidential Award for Volunteering (2)
Spirit of Service Award (CNCS)