Are you a Disrupter?

Put another way, do you have a Calling?

You know what I’m talking about.  A deep urge within you to start something.

When lightning strikes, the Universe speaks, and the pieces of your life weave together to create something brand new.

It keeps you up at night.

You’re excited, but you’re also scared because it’s the most amazing thing that has ever crossed your path.

And you have no idea where to start.

You’ve gotta learn to run a business fast, but you also need to learn how to run a business well, so you can bring this idea into the world and sustain it for the long run.

That’s where our work together comes in.

I work with people who are building something new, disrupting the status quo to create a better world, people who are experts at what they do but also need to become experts in business.

Does that sound like you?  Let’s have a chat.

Meet the Disrupter

disrumpere // to break into pieces or burst asunder

Hi.  I’m Veronica.  I’m a serial entrepreneur, an audacious entrepreneur, an entrepreneur building an empire.  I dream big, love thinking outside the box, and believe that you can do anything — as long as you figure out the how.

I work with Audacious Entrepreneurs™ who want to get disruptive and change the world (and industries) for the better.  Entrepreneurs who know they have incredible skill and something profound to to offer.  Whether you identify as an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Freelancer, or Sole Proprietor, if you have a business (or idea) and it’s tied to a vision for the future, you are building an empire.

I provide the guidance, structure, and expertise to disrupt the status quo and scale the business into the diverse legacy you envision (and beyond) while freeing your time and energy to continue your work.

Sound awesome?  Well, let’s get to know each other.  Find me in the Audacious Entrepreneur’s Sandbox on Facebook, sign up for the Audacious Entrepreneur Newsletter, or, if you’re really feeling good, let’s hop on a Business Upleveling call to discover your greatest opportunities for innovating today.