Croatia changed its citizenship by genealogy law in January 2020 to allow diaspora of up to three generations to apply for citizenship by birthright. I’m here to help you gather the paperwork and position you as the perfect candidate for citizenship.

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  • You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

    Croatia requires documents proving your genealogy, including birth, marriage, and death certificate, all the way to the birth of your ancestor in Croatia.

  • You’re Not Sure How To Look Good as a Candidate

    Croatia is considering new citizens that will improve the overall legacy of the country. If you’re not sure how your career, family history, or skills will do that, I’m here to help.

I have years of experience and several success stories to draw on to help you become a dual citizen, claim your ancestry, and become part of Croatia’s growth.

“Working with Veronica was an absolute dream. Not only is she highly skilled & knowledgable, having personal experience going through the application process for her own Croatian citizenship, but her personality and energy just make it an absolute delight to work with her. I highly recommend Veronica’s professional services and I also think everyone needs a Veronica in their life!”


Hi, I’m Veronica

The moment the law changed, I began working to gain my Croatian citizenship. My case is unique — one month after I applied, I moved abroad! I received my acceptance in under nine months (average is two years) and have since helped several family members and friends get their papers together and put their best foot forward to earn their own citizenship.

I work hard to keep my fees low. This is not a done for you service — this is coaching to empower YOU to earn your own citizenship! We’ll work together over only a few sessions to make your plan and get what you need to succeed. Let’s discuss!


Who is eligible for Croatian citizenship?

As of January 2020, people who can trace their genealogy back to Croatia within three generations are eligible for Croatian citizenship by birthright. That means your great-grandparent must have been born in Croatia.

How long does the process take?

The average information and document gathering period takes approximately one year. It took me only six months to get all the papers together, but it was a hustle, and I don’t recommend rushing.

Can I apply with family members?

Yes! I actually recommend this. You can share your ancestor’s documents, which means one birth certificate of a common parent or grandparent can count for all of you if you apply at once. This can also spread out the cost among many family members — a huge benefit! (This is what I did with my brother.)

What are the benefits of dual citizenship?

There are many benefits to dual citizenship. Croatia offers free university to its citizens. It is also part of the European Union, meaning your Croatian passport offers you freedom of movement and residency across Europe. You can also access universal healthcare and more! Finally, it means you have another country to protect you should you need it.

How much does the application cost?

The application itself only costs $235. It’s the gathering of documents and translations that will run up the investment to around $2,000.

How long until I receive citizenship?

The Croatian embassies predict a wait time of up to two years. I received my citizenship in under nine months because I positioned myself as an ideal candidate. That’s what I’m here to help you do, too!