Veronica Kirin


A Berlin-based photographer, anthropologist, and entrepreneur. Best known for her anthropological research and two TEDx Talks. She has a passion for capturing unique perspectives that typically go unnoticed, from an abandoned cigarette to a shy smile only seen by friends. Pause for a moment. Look around. See what is truly there.

Show the world who you are.

I adore working with folx who want to show off their true selves. We are always evolving as individuals, but there are major milestones in the growth of identity that we might want to share. Or, perhaps, you feel like you’ve never had the chance in the first place.

Photo shoots include two locations, two outfits, and two hours — plus a whole lot of fun. Contact Veronica to discuss your portrait goal.


[Photo Series] The Quiet Moments

I work hard to gather images of the things that society deems mundane, unremarkable, or irrelevant. A cigarette on a standpipe, a toilet in a 300-year-old building, a goat whose eye shape is alien. The busy-ness of life assumes they are utterly ignorable. I say they are the things that make this life unique.


  • Shot on my Canon DSLR or Fuji Rangefinder.
  • The camera tends to follow me around the world. The visually interesting is unpredictable and begs to be noticed and random times.

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