Veronica Kirin is a queer author and entrepreneur whose writing aims to unearth within the reader something they may not have known existed.  She is the author of the award winning (NIEA 2020 / IBA 2020) Stories of Elders:  What the Greatest Generation Knows about Technology that You Don’t (Identity Publications 2018), which documents the paradigm shift of the high tech revolution as lived by the Greatest Generation. Her current book, Stories of COVID™, is being written in real time to document the impact of the pandemic for future generations.  Her short story “1,000 Tiny Cuts” will appear in the June 2021 issue of the Dark Ink Anthology by AM Ink Publishing, and her poem “Quicksand” was published in the August 2020 edition of New Feathers Anthology.

Stories of COVID

Now Interviewing

We are living through the most disruptive event of our era.  Join me in recording history as it happens by signing up for an interview and share your experience for generations to come.

Stories of Elders

2018 | Identity Publications

Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award 2020
Finalist for the International Book Awards 2020

How has the high tech revolution changed America?  In Stories of Elders, author and anthropologist Veronica Kirin answers these questions and more through interviews with 100 members of the Greatest Generation.  From medicine to community, Stories of Elders provides insight to tech’s effects on all of us and provides age-old advice for today’s burning question:  is technology good or bad, and how should we handle it?

Watch the documentary here.

Authority Podcasting

2019 | Success Academy

Why does every successful entrepreneur have a podcast?  Because it expands reach, grows authority, and scales businesses faster!  We got together to share our experiences as hosts of more than 20 podcasts.  In this book we demystify what it takes to enter the podcasting market, including equipment, recording technique, and monetization.  PLUS how to leverage your podcast show to grow your business seamlessly.

Published Poems, Short Stories & Essays

Halt [poem] | The Poetry Archive, September 2020

A capture of the pain of waiting for something to change.

Quicksand [poem] | New Feathers Anthology, August 2020

What if worldwide upheaval is actually a goodness?

CFU Member Writes About Elders [essay] | Zajedničar, April 2018

A reflection on my Croatian heritage and my motivation to interview elders for my book, Stories of Elders.

The Untold Stories Project [essay] | HerStry Blog, April 2016

A reflection on my nation-wide journey to interview our elders for my upcoming book, Stories of Elders.