Stories of COVID

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We are living through the most disruptive event of our era.  Join me in recording history as it happens by signing up for an interview and share your experience for generations to come.

Stories of Tech


In 2015 I traveled the country to talk to our elders about tech.  They’ve lived the longest and have seen it all change.  Now I want to talk Generation Z.  They have grown up with the Internet and smartphones.  They have the most intimate perspective on it all.  It’s time for Gen Z’s voice to be heard.

I am interested in interviewing all of Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012).  Interviews are conducted via Zoom unless other arrangements are made.  Interviewees will immediately receive a welcome packet with the interview questions and release form enclosed.  Interviews begin at the end of October and will go through March 2020.

If you are Gen Z, or you know someone who is, please click below to learn more and sign up for an interview.

Stories of Elders

2018 | Identity Publications

What was it like to grow up in a totally analogue era?  How has technology changed America since the early 1900s?  In Stories of Elders, author and anthropologist Veronica Kirin answers these questions and more through interviews with 100 members of the Greatest Generation.  From medicine to community, Stories of Elders provides insight to tech’s effects on all of us and provides age-old advice for today’s burning question:  is technology good or bad, and how should we handle it?

Watch the documentary here.

Authority Podcasting

2019 | Success Academy

Why does every successful entrepreneur have a podcast?  Because it expands reach, grows authority, and scales businesses faster!  We got together to share our experiences as hosts of more than 20 podcasts.  In this book we demystify what it takes to enter the podcasting market, including equipment, recording technique, and monetization.  PLUS how to leverage your podcast show to grow your business seamlessly.